Raising The Status Of Human Conversation

Human interaction is a vital part of our everyday lives. By and large, humans are social animals and we thrive on interaction. However, because virtually everyone participates in conversations every day, it seems to me that we rarely appreciate these events. Via my work in this project, I intend to show that ordinary conversations are, in fact, a very valuable commodity.

To do this, I recorded as many genuine, ordinary conversations going on around me as possible and picked out snippets that I thought interesting. I then transcribed the dialogue into scripts and brought people into a sound recording studio in order to record the selected clips in a soundproofed environment.

By making the effort to edit and polish the recordings, I have assigned importance to these conversations. In presenting these otherwise unmemorable interactions, I hope to draw attention and assign value to all our conversations, giving them a new, elevated status.

I showed this work as a sound installation in the corridors of my school, but it is my intention that these recordings be played in public spaces where people often congregate, but tend not to speak to each other. They should create an environment to inspire chat and act as a talking point to spur on further conversations.


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